EE Collection 2018FW X Rimless

In this collection, Rimless has figuratively taken us back in time to a different place - Chinese Gardens. The collection stayed true to the Chinese roots, combining the Chinese traditional clothing elements like the mandarin collar, Qipao, and frog fastener, with sculptural shapes and exquisite yet unique fabrics.

Chinese Gardens often have unusual yet signature architectural elements, just like the “Leak Window” - where it allows you to see part of the other side, and lets you wonder what’s more on that side of the garden. Very much like the fabric of these pieces: slightly sheer but not too revealing, delicate but not too fragile. Well balanced between elegance and sexy, flirty and chic, it probably will make you wonder as well, what’s more?

The choices of the plantings in the Chinese Garden usually reflect some of the traditional Chinese values. Longevity, symbolized by the pine; strength and flexibility, symbolized by bamboos; and loyalty, which is symbolized by the plum. While exploring those elements through the floral patterns of the fabric, the cut-outs, seaming details, and the fluid sensibility of the design - the whole series evokes a feeling of nostalgia, elegance, and intimacy.

Serene, detail-oriented, but yet powerful, feminine, and comfortable.