Mozart-Wohnhaus Nr.12 Champagne Serenade


109cm/ 43"front length

90cm/35.4" chest

76cm/30" waist

25cm/9.8" sleeve opening 

57cm/22.4" sleeve length



121cm/47.6" front length

94cm/37" chest

80cm/31.5" waist

26cm/10.2" sleeve opening 

58cm/22.8" sleeve length



124cm/48.8" front length

98cm/38.6" chest

84cm/33" waist

27cm/10.6" sleeve opening 

59cm/23.2" sleeve length

Mozart-Wohnhaus Nr.12 Champagne Serenade

  • 100% Cotton.

    Gentle hand wash.

    Hang to dry.


    Long maxi dress.  Adjustable wide straps. Vintage M-style neckline. Chest contrasting lace ruffle. Hem with opening design